Hello! I'm lucky enough to live in college housing with a lovely garden in the back yard . The purpose of this blog is to get in touch other sustainable or hobby gardeners on the world wide web and hopefully learn from each other!



The Farm

The Garden

We also put up posts at the farm for the grapevines to eventually be supported.

The amount of water collecting on the flat land was a bit concerning, but where you see here will eventually be our road.

Are any other gardeners out there stressed because of the rain?

4 notes - ? May 28th 2013
  1. pagesofgrass answered: Yes. I am also stressed out because of the rain. I want to plant potatoes, but no…
  2. bambuita answered: in Ohio where I live was raining everyday that I couldnt plant… then I planted some and no rain now… my garden was muddy for a bit
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